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“He really cares about helping me. With his help, I’ve started a business and built it ten-fold in a year. I could not have done it without him.” Kailu McQueen, The Detail Queen

Focused on creating exceptional value for his clients and their customers, Steve Hultquist has worked with businesses from one-person “lone-eagle” entrepreneurs to the largest corporations in the world (IBM, HP, Microsoft, and others). He offers professional services to businesses and organizational leaders providing insights on people, processes, and technology. Hultquist writes on topics related to business, leadership, technology, and personal development, and he is a professional speaker offering his insights at public and private events, workshops, and seminars.

He is an expert in cybersecurity, sought by media like NPR, Voice of America, and Bloomberg BusinessWeek as well as technology journalists and regional media to provide insights into data breaches, technology challenges, and the evolution of both cyber attacks and cyber attack prevention. He has also spoken internationally on technology, cybersecurity, and the challenges of serving customers well and building organizations that focus on customer success.

Steve is a husband, father, ski instructor, journalist, consultant, personal coach, and pastor. He is committed to living life with passion, and doing all things with energy, excitement, and esteem for this singular life we live.

He lives just outside Boulder, Colorado, with his wife and three children. They find time to ski, bike, hike, dance, and grow together. He is also a certified professional ski instructor and loves his part time work at Copper Mountain Resort in Colorado as an instructor and guide for the Over the Hill Gang program.

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